Lancaster County Grower

For four generations the Kreider Family has grown the red, sweet tomatoes that meet Furmano's quality standards.

Kreider Family Farms

Lancaster County, PA

The Kreider Family farms 350 acres of land.  They own four farms in and around Lancaster, including the 200-year-old farm where the family lives.  Beginning in the 1950's when the tomatoes were harvested by hand to today's high-tech harvesters, the goal is still the same - produce the reddest, sweetest tomatoes possible. 

The Kreiders, like many farming families, value the ability to work together. Randy Kreider, who runs the operation now, met his wife Maria on a tomato harvester (when her family was helping his family harvest) many years ago. Their four young children are now learning about their farming operation today. 

Together they work the land, trying to get the highest quality and largest yields. Tomatoes have always been an important part of their crop mix. The Kreiders began working with Furmano's in 1994 and today are one of Furmano's trusted family farms.

Kreider Family Farms - Lancaster County, PA
  • 4 Generations of Farming
  • Growing Tomatoes Since 1994
  • Acreage Farmed - 350
  • Also Grows Soy Beans & Corn