Q. Do Furmano's products have an expiration date on the can? 
A. No. All of our consumer product cans are marked with a "Best By" date on the can. Foodservice cans include a can code that shows the day the product was made.

Q. What is the shelf life of Furmano's tomato products? 
A. Furmano's tomato products have a shelf life of 30 months from the date the product was made. 

Q. What is the shelf life of Furmano's bean products? 
A. Furmano's bean products have a shelf life of 42 months from the date the product was made.

Q. Can I use the product past its "Best By" date? 
A. Yes, Furmano's products can be used past the "Best By" date on the can. The date is a guideline that indicates that the quality and flavor is still optimal. Please note if a can is bulging or damaged along a seam, do not use the can as the food inside will be unsafe.

Q. Can I use a can if it is dented? 
A. Yes, as long as the dent is not on a seam. If the dent is on a seam, the can should not be used.

Q. Should I use the can if it makes a "hissing" noise when I open it? 
A. Yes, the "hissing" noise you hear when you open the can is the vacuum on the product. This helps preserve the shelf life of the product.

Q. Why is there a lining inside the can? 
A. Metal food cans have either a white or clear lining on the inside of the can. The lining is used to keep the bare metal from coming in contact with the product. The lining also increases the shelf life of the product. 

Q. Does Furmano's offer any tomato products without seeds? 
A. Yes, we offer Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Tomato Sauce, Smooth Spaghetti Sauce and Ketchup without seeds. The Tomato Paste, Smooth Spaghetti Sauce and Ketchup are available in #10 cans. Click here to view our products.

Q. Do Furmano's canned vegetables and beans need to be cooked or just warmed up? 
A. All Furmano's products are fully cooked. Click here to view Furmano's recipes using either hot or cold tomatoes and other products.

Q. Can I freeze any unused tomato product once I open the can? 
A. It is not a safety issue to freeze the product provided it is stored in an appropriate freezer storage container. Freezing could impact the consistency and quality of the product. 

Q. What are the "natural flavorings and spices" in Furmano's? 
A. The natural flavorings and spices vary depending on the product. Examples are basil and oregano. Click here to view additional information on a Furmano's product.

Q. I can't find your product in my local grocery store? Where can I buy Furmano's? 
A. Check our Retailer Locator to see which stores in your area carry Furmano’s products or call Furmano's Customer Service at 1-877-877-6032 to find a store near you or to order cases of product and have them shipped directly to you.

Q. Are Furmano's products Gluten Free? 
A. Yes, all our Furmano's branded products are gluten free.