Furmano's Family Farms

Northumberland, PA


Furmano's is a regional, family-owned tomato grower and packer. All of our tomato products are packed in Northumberland, Pennsylvania at the plant that grew from JW and Emma Furman's farm. 

Today, we still grow and harvest tomatoes on our family farms near Northumberland. However, to meet our ever-growing demand, we also use a network of over 30 trusted family-owned and operated farms in PA, MD, DE and NJ. We rely on them to produce sweet-tasting tomatoes that meet Furmano's family standards. 

We value the care family farmers give their crops and their land. Most of these grower relationships have been in place for multiple generations - which is a nice way to do business. When your family name is on the label, it's important to have partners you can trust.

About Furmano's Family Farms

Furmano's story began in 1921 when JW and Emma Furman and their 7 children grew and packed a bumper crop of tomatoes. Soon they were in the vegetable business. Innovation in greenhouse technology and irrigation in the early years improved yields and set a standard for adopting industry best practices. 

Today, on our own farms, we have over 600 acres of land farmed annually, including the farm where former president and family member David Geise lives, just five minutes from the plant. 

This year, weather delayed our start. At the end of our season we had 5 harvesters in a field at a time to bring the crop in before the frost. Our farm team was very creative. We had over 1,300 tons of tomatoes brought from one farm in one day and harvested over 5,000 tons in 3 days from the family farm, that's 8.9 million cans of tomatoes from one field in just 3 days! 

Yet, after all these years, there is nothing like watching a field of seedlings grow into plants that flower and then become filled with ripe red tomatoes in just a matter of weeks. You can almost see the plants growing. 

Between our company-owned farms and our growers, about 75% of our tomatoes are grown in Pennsylvania (no more than an hour and a half away from our plant) and approximately 40% come from within 20 minutes of our plant. The rest of our tomatoes are grown within a 4-hour truck drive from the plant, which allows them to be canned within hours of harvesting. 

We're proud to make great tasting, naturally healthy food, using best practices developed over four generations. Our success is rooted in our family's Christian values, care for our people, land and crops and, of course, our customers.

Furmano's Family Farms - Northumberland, PA
  • 4 Generations of Farming
  • Growing Tomatoes Since 1921
  • Acreage Farmed - 600
  • Also Grows Beans & Vegetables